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We like to think we're full of bright ideas and want to reward our followers with a cool, beautifully designed UMA light from Pablo Designs. Stylish, portable lamp + speaker, warm LED glow, touch sensitive adjustment. Learn more about UMA >> How To WIN // To submit your entry, simply Follow Environments at Work on a social networking site or subscribe … Continue reading Follow us to Win UMA!

Get to Know Integrated Interiors

Integrated Interiors (II) is New England’s premier specialty contractor. We supply and install specialty architectural/engineered products and systems throughout greater Boston and New England. Our integrated solutions create flexible interiors and scalable systems that can adapt over time to ever‐changing business needs. Our focus is on providing your project with the personal attention and involvement … Continue reading Get to Know Integrated Interiors

Project Roundup: Spotlight on Architectural Products

Integrated Interiors (II) is New England’s premier specialty commercial construction company. From small to large projects, II has supplied and installed its specialty architectural/engineered products and systems to some of the area's most notable building projects. Integrated Interiors is very proud to have partnered with the following clients on their recently completed projects. Click for photos … Continue reading Project Roundup: Spotlight on Architectural Products

Take it Outside

outdoor furniture environments at work

Outdoor work spaces are becoming more viable and legitimate since workers have greater mobility and can connect virtually anywhere via WiFi. Designing and creating an outdoor space as an extension to your indoor workplace enables employee choice in where one works. Unfortunately, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average American spends 93% of their … Continue reading Take it Outside

A Case of Biophilia

I have a severe case of Biophilia and I don’t care who knows! Don’t worry, it is a positive chronic condition. It means the love of life and the living world. Many people share this philia, are you one too?

Introducing Ventev Raised Access Floor Wi-Fi Antenna

Aesthetics and high performance Wi-Fi are equally important in today’s open office environments. Unfortunately, many office Wi-Fi networks have bulky or ugly wires and equipment in plain sight. Ventev’s new Access Floor Wi-Fi Antenna hides the Wi-Fi antenna and cabling by concealing it inside a floor tile in raised access floor applications. This innovative solution … Continue reading Introducing Ventev Raised Access Floor Wi-Fi Antenna

WOODn’t you like to know…

We love wood – and everything about it.  The “back-to-nature / bring-the-outdoors-in” design trend in office interiors soothes our senses! Natural and stable, wood furnishings, accents, and architectural details bring a calm, residential feel to the workplace. Wood evokes warmth and comfort, blurring the line between home and office. Wood textures used throughout a space … Continue reading WOODn’t you like to know…

Movable Walls & Raised Floors: a new white paper from Haworth, Inc.

"Movable Walls and Raised Floors: Optimizing Adaptable Workplaces to Meet Changing Business Needs" is a new white paper that explains Haworth’s Organic Workspace® approach, and it's available on How buildings, people, and organizations perform in the workplace affect one another and ultimately the corporate bottom line. Changing business needs means changing organizational structures, which … Continue reading Movable Walls & Raised Floors: a new white paper from Haworth, Inc.

Introducing Milder Office

Environments at Work is proud to welcome Milder Office to our family of products. Milder Office is a Brooklyn-based furniture design and production company offering customizable office systems fabricated through local manufacturing networks. Specializing in modular furniture for the office, library and school. Milder Office designs and produces environments for office as well as educational environments. Jonas … Continue reading Introducing Milder Office