Office Spaces Come Alive with VR

As a child of the 80’s, I’ve witnessed the evolution of gaming from the first Nintendo and Atari consoles. With the amazing developments in 3-D technology over the years, video games have evolved to give us a truly lifelike experience - immersing us right in the game.  The same technologies that have captivated kids for decades … Continue reading Office Spaces Come Alive with VR

Think Inside the [Orange]Box

The other day, I needed a quiet, private spot to meet with a co-worker to review a project. My tiny touch-down station offered us no help, and all of the conference rooms were booked. Frustration set in until I remembered that our new Orangebox Air3 pod had just been installed in the office and could … Continue reading Think Inside the [Orange]Box

Introducing the Orangebox Air Pod [Video]

We're pleased to add Orangebox to our extensive product offering. The Orangebox acoustic pod system offers privacy in the open office. Its patented opening roof design features an advanced fire safety system which meets all local fire codes. We’d love to meet to review the benefits of this product further with you. Watch our short … Continue reading Introducing the Orangebox Air Pod [Video]

The Dynamic Work Environment

As millennials pour out of college eager to find jobs, commercial real estate costs per square foot rise, and businesses continue to expand in our growing economy, the office design industry continually sees an increase in our ever-changing office environment. It's necessary for the open office to continually evolve. There is a consistent need to … Continue reading The Dynamic Work Environment

We’re Inspired by WELL and Well-Being [Infographic]

Environments at Work believes effective office spaces can inspire workers, improve overall wellness, and encourage comfort. Throughout the month of May, we've been exploring well-being and the WELL Building Standard™ (WELL), which aims to create healthier and greener buildings for those who inhabit them. WELL looks to maximize the human experience within the built environment, so … Continue reading We’re Inspired by WELL and Well-Being [Infographic]

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The Air Under There: Best Practices for Successful Raised Floor Installations

By David Atwood, General Manager at Integrated Interiors Raised flooring and underfloor air applications have quickly risen in popularity with the new demands of sustainable construction. With benefits tied into both its efficiency and indoor air quality (IAQ), modular construction of underfloor air applications will become a key differentiator for any general contractors familiar with … Continue reading The Air Under There: Best Practices for Successful Raised Floor Installations

What Interests You?

Thanks to everyone who responded to our recent email survey to find out what topics from 2015 you've enjoyed and what topics interest you. Your feedback helps us provide valuable, relevant content in our upcoming features. For 2016, we will continue to highlight a new topic or trend each month. Join us on social media where … Continue reading What Interests You?